New Genetics Toys

For all of you who are as confused as I am about the genetic possibilities of a certain breeding, I’ve created two different Punnet Square generators! (A Punnett Square is a tool developed by British geneticist Reginald Punnett for showing the potential offspring of two parents.) One is a Simple Punnett Square Generator which will calculate the potential offspring for a single allele. The other is a Double Punnett Square Generator which calculates the much more mind-bending potential offspring for two separate alleles. I’m debating working on one for 3 alleles, but I’m afraid I might hurt my brain and, since it would require a litter of 36 to cover all possibilities, I’m not entirely sure how useful it would be.

Anyhoot, you can find these two new toys under the Genetics link on the menu to the left, along with the Colour Basics for mice that used to be there (it’s not lost, just relocated).

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