Welcome to the new site!

The old platform that Pet Rodents was running on had become old, tired, and largely broken.  Since the removal of the forum, the need for that particular platform was gone, and some of the components of it had stopped working as they should.

So, since I had to pour a significant amount of time into updating the website and plugging the ever-increasing number of holes that were manifesting themselves out of the ether, I decided to move to a spanky new platform that’s a breeze to maintain, and a whole lot more secure.  It should also load faster than ever before.

And, since I was going to all that trouble, I decided to make it look all shiny and new at the same time.

So, that about sums up everything.  If you find something that’s broken, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to get it fixed up quickly. Meanwhile, enjoy!!

Die, spambots, DIE!!!

While it looks pretty [email protected]$$ to have 814 registered members (and counting), I’m getting a bit sick of the random posts for Viagra, fake Rolexes, assorted types of porn, and all sorts of totally incomprehensible gobbledegook.  I’ve implemented a few rather draconian registration measures to try to combat this, and while I wait to see if it works, I’m going through on a deleting binge to try to clear out a few of the spurious member accounts.

If I accidentally clear you out, I apologize.  On the other hand, if your username is “nudepic” and your email ends with “mail.ru”, then you might want to consider something a little more rodent-relevant, because chances are your next registration will be deleted, too.


Forbidden Access (flooding)

Apologies for the really weird error messages and gibbled appearance of the site lately.  One of the security features went off the deep end and was indulging in some extreme paranoia.  In a nutshell it thought that everyone wanting to see the site was some kind of attacker and was taking it all way too personally.  I’ve sent it off to a nice sanitorium for a bit of a rest.  Hopefully the site will now be visible to all and sundry as was the original intent.  It took me awhile to find the problem, then talk the poor demented creature down off the ledge, and I apologize for the weirdness during that time.  All is well in PetRodentLand once again.

New Server!

You’ll be happy to know that the recent bout of downtime, sporadic availablility, and slow page loading is a thing of the past (I hope). PetRodents has moved to a spanky new commercial host, so it should be faster and better than ever!

Enjoy! And please feel free to let me know what you think.