Apologies…. my bad

Apologies for the down-time yesterday. The modem choked while I was at work (until 10 pm, natch) and I couldn’t reset it until I got home. Hopefully all is working smoothly again and we won’t have anymore issues like that. I’ll try to find something interesting and kewl to make up for it.

Deer Mousiecam Update!

Since there’s a new litter of deer mice in the Mutt Mousery, I thought I’d move the cam over and give you the chance to maybe catch a glimpse of the little guys. Given the enormous confection of a nest that they’ve created, though, I’m not making any promises!

Good luck!

Mousiecam Upgrades!

Thanks to a spectacular Boxing Day sale at FutureShop, I was able to upgrade both mousiecams to VGA quality webcams. The colour still isn’t quite as vivid as I’d like, but the clarity is much better! I also scored a new light for the deer mice, so now you can actually see them; amazingly they don’t seem to mind the bright light and aren’t being the least bit shy.