*expletive* hackers…..

Let’s hear it for remote backups!!

At about 8:15 am MST on January 22, the PR server was hit by a *bleepage* hacker who deleted all the files for this website, a map website, and a project website all of which were housed on the same machine. ’nuff said.

The backups restored everything up to 5:30 pm MST on January 21; anything posted after that is gone, but I don’t think that’s more than one or two posts at most. Sorry ’bout that folks. I’ve upgraded security and re-done the backup schedule to make it even more bulletproof than before. Hopefully this will be our last experience with bored scriptkiddies.

Thank you so much for your patience on January 22 when the website was, basically, gone. I’ve put the snow back for a bit to celebrate.

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