Six months late….

….is better than never, I guess.  With all your diligence over the last winter, you earned us enough by April to get a wonderful new goodie from the charming people at the $5 Script Archive.  Due to the intervention of spring session at school, a total rebuild of the website, and the move to an entirely new server, things have been a tad delayed.  I apologize for that, and hopefully you will find that it's been worth the wait.

We now have a Pedigree section where you can enter all your breeding info and keep track of things like genetics, relationships, etc.  You can even view pedigrees with pictures!

I've put in a small segment of the Mutt Mousery for you to explore; all you need to do is click on the Pet Rodentries Pedigree and snoop to your heart's content.

Because it's intended for all types of rodents, there may be sections in there that don't make sense, but most can safely be left blank.  The only required fields are Name, Known Genetics, and Gender; if you don't know any of those, just make something up (i.e. n/a for Known Genetics) and you should be fine.

As with everything else on the site, if you find any oddities, please don't hesitate to let me know!



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